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Bumble Bee - - (Megabombus sp.)

Photography from Stockpix.com

Image # 8114

Bumble Bee Pollinating Flower

worker on white flower sucking nectar pollinating Pesticides, habitat loss, increasingly fragmented plant life - all of these are threats to bees and other pollinators which are so important to our own food supply. This photograph depicts a bumble bee sucking nectar from a flower. Pollen sacs from the flower can attach to the bee, and as he buzzes to a new flower, the pollen may be released on its receptive stigma - allowing the fertilization process to begin. Bumble bees are large, social bees living in colonies. These insects have their own caste system: the queen ranks first (and is the only bee to survive the winter), followed by smaller males and then undeveloped female worker bees. The queen, who hibernates during the winter, constructs a new nest in the spring and her first brood consists entirely of worker bees. As these workers take over the task of maintaining the nest, the queen bee begins producing the next generation of bees.

Megabombus sp., Bumble Bee Stock

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