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Harpy Eagle - - (Harpia harpyja)

Photography from Stockpix.com

Image # 154

c/u of head; threat call display

Harpy Eagles will aggressively defend their nests. This female is doing a threat display toward her caretaker at the Fort Worth Zoo. Fifteen minutes after the zoo keeper left the cage area, the female Harpy copulated with her mate. Worried that Harpy Eagles will soon become extinct, The World Center for Birds of Prey is creating a captive breeding program for the eagles at a center based in Panama. An endangered species native to the rainforests of Central and South America, the Harpy Eagle is named for ravenous mythical beings. And Harpies do create a powerful image as they soar over the rainforest: their hind talons are over three inches long, and they can grab sloths and monkeys from trees as they fly. But despite their great power, they have been unable to recover from the loss of forest habitat.

Harpia harpyja, Harpy Eagle Stock

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